The Prototype fair

The Prototype fair

In 8th of march, in the school of Castelo de Paiva happened the most important moment of our meeting. During the prototype fair, the different schools explained what prototypes they have created and their original ideas.  We did videos and presentation to show our proyect to the jury. The panel of jury integrated the host school headmistress, Mrs. Beatriz Silva; the awarded designer Miguel Neiva who is the creator and developer of the colorADD® Code, a sign code for helping color blind people to recognize colors through geometric shapes and color combination, whose app won the Accessibility category of the 2013 Vodafone Foundation Mobile For Good Europe Awards; Mrs. Bruna Nunes, a young entrepreneur who together with her team created Facestore that is a disseminating online platform, is the Co-founder and CMO of the platform Facestore; the engineer Rafael Moreira, a former student of the Portuguese school who has been successfully developing a company working with renewable sources of energy, Sundeals; and Mr. Jorge Oliveira, a representative and a connection to the European Union through the European Centre of Information known nationally as Centro de Informação Europe Direct do Tâmega e Sousa. The jury went from stand to stand to see high fidelity prototypes, the promotionals videos and hear the speeches. They asked questions to understand better the ideas; after that they went to decide the bests.

The projects were the following:

  • The Spanish girls create an app that can improve the relationship between immigrants and locals. Through the app both can chat and socialize. This solves the problem of prejudice against immigrants.
  • The Italian guys designed a theme park and an app that helps small villages to improve their economy.
  • The Cypriots guys made an electronic chip to use in animals such as dogs and cats, so if they get lost they will be easily found which solves the problem of abandoned animals.
  • The Polish guys did a board game (Just Good) to prevent macho attitudes in the schools.
  • The Lithuanians create a label for clothes in braille for blind people to know the characteristics of the clothing.
  • The Portuguese made a fantastic and original jacket for extreme temperatures.

We have learned a lot in this fair. It was very interesting and particular. It’s a new experience that will be unforgetable.


Alessandro Bonadeo, Arkadiusz Augusciak, Rafael Moreira,

Pietro Minelli, Rebecca  Urkizu and Beatriz Ferreira

Our enriching week

During this amazing week, six unique countries (Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Cyprus, Italy and Portugal) came together to broaden their horizons and enrich their knowledge about their surrounding countries.

It all began at the Portuguese school of Escola Básica e Secundária de Castelo de Paiva, where all the brilliant students met for the first time and became friends. Afterwards we all went to the town council where we were warmly welcomed by Mayor Gonçalo Rocha. He told us about the interesting story of Castelo de Paiva and the tasty wine which is produced there.

The next day we visited the extraordinary city of Oporto, where we visited Luiz I bridge, Sandeman and also the breathtaking Palácio da Bolsa. We then enjoyed the city and explored Matosinhos calm beach.

On Wednesday we presented our prototypes. All students were nervous but came through and presented their hard work.

The following day we went to the University of Aveiro where we heard professional entrepreneurs’ speeches and learned different techniques. The most amazing thing that we did in Aveiro was the trip on a colourful boat called Moliceiro.

Finally, we all met in the library to finish our activities and visited the pretty village. At night we had a fun party where all the students met the families and received their certificates.

To sum up, we can all agree that this was one of the best weeks of our lives.

Beatriz Brandão, Estefanía Egea, Demetra Tziorta

The Prototype

Building a prototype isn’t an easy work. It involves a lot of team work, communication, creativity and patience.

While we were building the prototypes we had different difficulties; for example, we had to find good materials, good places and we needed a lot of time, but we finally did it.

It was very emotional because when we have been building the prototypes and something went wrong, we had to build it all again, and we had not the necessary time, so we were very nervous and anxious, and we had to control our feelings to make it the best.

But there were some advantages too. We got to know each other better, we had fun and we enjoyed doing it.

To build those prototypes we had to follow some steps:

First, we had to choose the best idea and put it in common with the other members of the group to improve the idea.

Then, we had to put in the paper to make it better, to have new ideas or to remove some.

And when we finally had the perfect idea, we started making it real.

It was an interesting experience full of different emotional feelings

Ainhoa Montaño, Isabel Silva, Lucas Falconi, Jakub Bialczak ; Michele Chiesa ; Maria Helena Moreira ; Marta Martins


How to make a Promotional Video

How to make a Promotional Video

A video it´s extremely important to promote an idea. In the entrepreneurship world it´s vital to show the prototype in an attractive way, so the customers or businessmen get attached with the innovative product.

To make a video it´s required a lot of time and hard work. We also need to be creative and to put ourselves in the customer´s shoes.

The first step is to think of the general idea of the video, for example like the places where we are going to film, what we want to express to the others and explain what problems our product solves.

The second step it’s to write the film guide and then to prepare all the materials that we need to make our video.

Of course there are problems to face: finding people to act and to record, finding a place to record the video, writing the script for the video, finding the right music and of course editing.

But in the end we can create a really good promotional video mixing all the ideas that the members of the group can have. This was an experience that we, students, were able to materialize and it was really great.

Carole Jorge, Saioa Campo, Panagiotis Papaioannou, Fábio Rafael, Maja Pliszka, Andrea Liistro

Meeting in Italy: Working with friends

During this week we explored the challenges that we were asked to do in the past months.

On Monday we were asked to work in a 2-countries-team in order to develop together the pre-prototypes we did at home. We think that it was a great opportunity since through this process we were able to share, combine and discuss our ideas in order to create the best final work. Since everyone had the responsabilities and rights we appreciated the value of cooperation and respect. We also had a workshop on Communication in which we learned how important is communicate and also that we always communicate something. At 6.00 p.m. we went to see the skyscrapers of Milan where a guide told us the story of the modern Milan.

On tuesday we went to Castell’Arquato, a beautiful medieval village, where we had a walk around to see how to preserve an  old village.

On Wednesday we presented our works to the other students and teachers with the help of videoclips and presentations. The Pre-prototypes are a thing now and in Portugal they will become real. We also had a lecture on another challenge that we are supposed to work on. We had a talk with a lady of “Voice System”, a company who produces tools for blind people. We understood something more about blind people, about their needs and their wants. In the afternoon we went to NAGA, a NGO which deals with refugees and immigrants. The opportunity to talk with the refugees, with people who has seen the war and ran away frome their own countries for their lives, was really emotional.

On Thursday we had the chance to have a peer-to-peer workshop with the italian students and it was really interesting being on the other side of the classroom. We had fun and they were really interactive. Later we had a workshop on advertising and branding with a manager of a big advertising company. Here we learned a lot about the cost and the strategies behind an advertising campaign.

The week was really good and we are looking forward the nesxt meeting in Portugal.

Experience in Milan

Before arriving in Milan we were all so excited about what our host families would be like. And everything went really as we expected. Erasmus Plus is very good. We can learn about other cultures and we can develop teamwork.

In Italy we learned a loto of important things such as how to be parsuasive and innovative. The topics we worked on were many  from communication to advertising and branding.

It was really great to socialize with other nationalities and exchange impressions about the work wich has to be done.

We faced also the reality regarding our challenges. It was extremely impotant visiting “NAGA onlus”, a NGO which tries to help refugees and immigrants.

At the end of the week we became  more aware to our surroundings and also more informed as citizens.



The work in Poland is going on…

On 24th  May we met to fill in The Mini Canvas. The solutions for challenges: a microchip (Abandoned animals ) and a board game (Macho Attitude) were being discussed.  There were 32 students who took part in the process of brainstorming. We were divided into 5 groups. All of us enjoyed this new experience of working on  conceptualizing the customers, relationship with them, service provided and the channel. We hope other teams were as productive as we were. 13461125_10208204009153723_1079932181_o

The last meeting of Erasmus + Club this school year. We went to a beautiful old place called Skansen Kurpiowski in Nowogród where we analyzed the activities we have done so far as well as we discussed those we need to do in the upcoming school year. All of us agreed that working on the project is demanding, but satisfying. We have learnt a lot so far and are looking forward to learn more next year. But as for now …. we want to wish all our partners HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS !!!




We have always wondered how living in a country far away from our home, with a different language and barely knowing anybody would be. Well, the project Europeneurs gave us this opportunity. Our excitement was enormous and once we arrived to Lithuania this excitement doubled but we were very nervous as well. Knowing there were teenagers from Italy, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal and Lithuania and we didn’t know anybody, and didn’t speak the same language, we were scared we might not make friends or fit in. This fear disappeared as soon as we arrived at the residence we were staying in and saw how friendly and welcoming the rest of the Europeans were, all having our differences and different costumes but having in common one desire, to work on the project and have a wonderful meeting.

We had a very busy week in which we did all types of activities, from doing an entrepreneur prototype to cooking ravioli and building a robot. Without noticing, each day our relationship with the rest of the students was growing and improving, not being conscious that this would sadly come to an end, that was not too far away and in which we would have to say one of our saddest goodbyes. Thank you very much to everybody for this amazing experience.

Polish Team in Lthuania

The week we spent in Elektrenai was an amazing opportunity to make friends, get to know Lithuanian culture and customs as well as have fun.


Our Lithaunian partners showed us great hospitality. We could visit the power plant, museum and Old Town in Vilnus and the castle in Trakai. We were amazed by the architecture, enjoyed the food and kindness of Lithaunian people.

polish 1

We want to thank our Lithuanian friends who were our guides in Elektrenai, Vilnus and Trakai. Mantas, Edvinas, Rita and Domantas  took care of us brilliantly and we appreciate their help. Staying with other teams at the dorm, working with others on challenges and the solutions, creating prototypes and mini canvas brought us a lot of satisfaction.  We miss our new friends and hope to meet them again.

Elektrenai: Impressions from Cyprus

To begin with, we got extremely lucky having the chance to travel during the easter holidays as we gained more days of fun and less worries about school.
Since the moment we arrived we were thrilled by everybody’s warm welcomes and the campus we were being accomodate seemed mesmerising.
The activities we did, had no primary aim to test our knowledge on the subject but make us work as a team and learn without being taught.
We had also the satisfaction to present our ideas which lead us to develop new virtues such as experience on public talks or even improvise on unexpected situations.
Alongside with the workshops we explored the magnificent history of Lithuania as well as plenty of its beautiful, dreamy sceneries.
A memory I’ll never forget is pedalling a boat inside of an enormous crystal lake , gloriously presenting in the middle of it an island with the most graphic castle I’ve ever seen while the sun was leaving its last breaths reflecting on the lake.
I believe what made the most of this trip were our new friendships created under diversity which lead in learning new languages. We also acknowleded the fun of listening to a mixture of accents which often made communication impossible.
Needless to say that we found excellent solutions to all the problems we were given and despite the fact they remain unsolved in the real world, we might as well help reduce its spread rate.
A special thanking must be dedicated to all the teachers that not only helped but encouraged us to give our maximum effort on the workshops. Last but not least they came up with brilliant ideas such as baking a cake.
Thalis Chrysostomou
Team Cyprus

Erasmus+ is a great program which gave us the opportunity to make incredible memories that will be remembered for ever! It wasn’t the first time I participated to a program like this, but it was a quite different experience of course, but with the same incoming.

Christiana 1

It was a really amazing week. We worked hard at the workshops and learned a lot about entrepreneurship but besides all the hard work, we had fun and created friendships. We also had a sightseeing which it was great because we saw some beautiful places and learned a lot about Lithuania’s people, culture and habits.

Nevertheless, we created friendships and a strong bond among us which is a feeling that I can’t really describe with words. I think everyone should participate in programs like Erasmus. I am so thankful I have been given this opportunity.

Christiana Gavrila, Cyprus.


Erasmus+ was an unforgettable experience for me, this was the first time I took part in a program of this genre and I don’t regret it at all. Seriously, I think that this was the best experience I have ever had in my life so far.

During the week in Lithuania we learned many things about entrepreneurship but also we had lots of fun. We visited numerous beautiful places like Trakai and Vilnius and we learned about the culture and lifestyle of Lithuanians.

However, I think that the best thing about this program was the bond of understanding and friendship we created with the students from other countries, we had a great time together and we decided to keep in contact.

I am really grateful for the opportunity I was given and I truly recommend it to everyone!!!I hope I will have the chance to do it again soon!

Thank you

Samwel Gatt, Cyprus